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ArcelorMittal+2:25 Supply Gunric, DN900 FRC2001Y090 Double Flanged Butterfly Valve
Toga Engineering Supply Vertix Pump, VJA 100M
Afrox Saldanha 304 S/S Conveyor 
PetroSA Supply 50liters for test on FA Platform
WS Gear and Engineering Supplies ES950 Elomatic Spring Return Actuator 
Air Liquide Survey valves DPMT 1 AND 2
Indlovu Instruments Supply FS40 and FS100 Elomatic Spring
Eskom Waterproofing and sealing at Ankerlig 2 Admin and control building
Fuselink Supply Pleixquip Valves 
Cape Sandblasting and Coatings Rental of Razor SpongeJet Feed Unit and Silvver 16 Spngejet Media 
EnerMech Supply of GR5 Degreaser
Vodacom  Removal of signage and painting at Piers Place
Cape Sandblasting and Coatings Supply SpongeJet and Media
Liquid Force GR5 Degreaser
Roy's Oils & Gas CC Elomatic FS200 Actuator Spring Return 
John Thompson Boilers Supply Masoneilan Positioner
Indlovu Instruments FS100 Elomatic actuator
Compass Glass Supply 50mm x 80mm safetyty valve
Colibri 80mm Keystone Butterfly Valve
TTV Fluval Service and Repair various valves 4 and 8 inch valves
Klein's Business Services Service and Repair 200mm RGX Air Release Valve
CiM Systems D-M9PL Reed Switches
TTV Fluval Service and repair 12 inch Butterfly Valves
Compass Glass Set and Certify 2 X Safety Valves
TTV Fluval Service and repair 7 Butterfly Valves
TTV Fluval Machine couplings to suite actuator
TTV Fluval Service and Repair 12" Butterfly Valve c/w Actuator
Damen Shipyard Sponge-Jet blasting
Indlovu Instruments Pneumatic Actuators
Chevron Service and repair 1" Fisher ES Globe Valve c/w 3560 positioner Tag: 70-TV-308
TTV Fluval Service and repair Qty 2 4" Fluval Butterfly valves c/w Gearbox
S.A Breweries Service and repair 3" Camflex II c/w Positioner
Eskom Palmiet Diaphragms and backing Plates
TTV Fluval Strip; Inspect; Report / Service and Repair  1" 300# Non - Return Valves qty 3
TTV Fluval Mnf. and Supply bracket and coupling
Enermech Databooks
RHI Manufacture spares for regulator
Air Liquide Manufacture  Nelles positioner pick ups
ArcelorMittal Yearly lifeline and anchorage points inspection
ArcelorMittal Supply Neles positioner
ArcelorMittal Supply 21 x DN150 Uniflow butterfly valves
Chevron Service and repair Tag no: 073-TV-003
Chevron Service and repair Tag no: 073-HV-004
Chevron Service and repair Tag no: 073-HV-015
TTV Fluval Supply Brackets and Couplings for Various size valves
NTP Engineering Supply Tyres/ Switches/ Cable Trays
ArcelorMittal Supply Dedusting system bias valves
Chevron Extra work done on 53-PV-002
John Thompson Boilers Supply pressure control valve DN150 Butterfly Mitech
ArcelorMittal Supply Neles positioner ND9106HX
TTV Fluval Service and repair Compressor Valve
Kaap Agri Waterproofing on Silo
TTV Fluval Manufacture 30 X  valve and actuator couplings
TTV Fluval Service and Test 10"  Ball Valves; 10" Gate Valve and 8" Ball valves  qty 12
WSSA Valve repairs
ArcelorMittal DN300  Uniflo Check Valve
Protea Chemicals PVC welding of  Valves to PVC Tanks
Century Blue Trust Cleaning and painting of Northbank Building in Century City
TTV Fluval Service, Repair and Reset Qty 22 Baily and Qty 3 Leser PSV's 
ArcelorMittal Repair Positioner Neles ND9106HX1
ArcelorMittal Repair Positioner Neles ND9106HX1
ArcelorMittal Repair Positioner Neles ND9106HX1
Emerson  Repair and set Croby PSV  
Twinsaver Group Remove and inspect control valves during September 19 Shutdown
ArcelorMittal DN50 Klinger on off Control Valve
Air Liquide Supply ND9103HNT Positioner
Air Liquide Calibration of valves on site in Saldanha
Protea Chemicals Weld 4 x fittings onto 2 x 5000Litre tanks
Steam & Condensate Service Supply Repair Kit for Elomatic actuator : ED350  x 1
RHI Refractories Africa (Pty) Ltd Supply 12 x Bonny ForgeCheck Valves